The All-New Campaigns: Set Up Training Programs for Your Users

With Cloud Ninjas, we set out to create a digital learning platform not just as a box filled with training content, but as an essential cornerstone of your Change Management strategy. We consider taking your users by the hand, guiding them on how to use cloud applications and setting up training programs tailored to their needs to be an important part of this strategy.

Today we’re excited to announce a major update that allows Change Managers to create and manage training campaigns straight from Cloud Ninjas. Simply choose a start and end date for your campaign, determine which applications and trainings you want to include in the scope and select the users to be part of the campaign.

As a Change Manager, you get access to a dashboard of campaigns with key metrics and the ability to drill down on training activities to identify where actions are required. These training campaigns can be defined for Google Apps training content as well as any custom content you might have added to your catalogue.

To learn more about the all-new Campaigns, check out the video below or get in touch with our team!